Its likely that there are a multitude of things that you’ve come across and dove into only to find that you’ve a particular distaste for them. These things could be comprised of subjects in school or specific tasks. Once we’ve been exposed to such unsettling experiences, we’re probably not going to willingly subject ourselves to those things in the future. We may even avoid them at all costs, sometimes to our own detriment.

As time moves forward and we develop our professional lives and even simply our personal lives, we are probably going to come across these things from our past that we don’t particularly enjoy. It could be that mathematics proved itself to be quite a pain in the rear end for years over throughout our school career or maybe we have learned to harbor a particular distaste for meetings or presentations. Whatever it may be it is important for us to give these things another chance at one time or another.

We may find that what we have been avoiding for so long isn’t so bad after all. Coming to see such things eye to eye may be revealing and extremely useful to our self confidence. By confronting such things and conquering them we build a sense of confidence that will boil over into all other parts of our life, this will aid us as we move forward.

I wish for you success, growth, and happiness. Take care!

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