Conquer Procrastination

Like many others, I too have struggled with procrastination in the past. Procrastination, in my opinion, is a habit of the mind. If we allow such a habit to take control of the way we conduct ourselves we will soon find that we are left feeling quite overwhelmed. Though we look to put off the things we need to do in order to maintain a more ‘enjoyably relaxed’ state we find that we create the exact opposite in a short period of time. Life doesn’t stop for anyone and as we both well know the pressure to do can come from all sides. The power to conquer this habit lies within our thinking.

From the minute we wake we are followed by someone who has been there since our beginning, ourselves. One may have many a friend in life and be quite social but at the end of the day the one we are left speaking with and listening to the most is ourselves. The very voice within our head can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies and it is up to us to cultivate a compassionate relationship with the former. If we’re looking to escape the depths of procrastination we can plant the first seed of this relationship with ourselves by listening to what we’ve got to say.

By doing so we can easily identify the times in which we are putting things off. Big, small, complex, or simple is not of any particular meaning to us in the work we must achieve. To lob the head off of procrastinating we have got to take immediate action if at all possible once we’ve identified even the slightest bit of procrastination manifesting in our inner voice. By doing so we may find ourselves to be quite busy at times but this won’t last. As time goes on and we adjust such a style of pro-activity, it begins to come quite naturally and it is no bother to begin any work which demands our time.

I wish for you success, growth, and sincere fulfillment. Take care!

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