One Backup

Most everybody has experienced the unexpected, life is full of moments like these. Today I sat down to begin my research as I normally do and the program that I use to log my notes in experienced an error. This sometimes happens but this time upon attempting to reopen the program I was kindly notified of the complete corruption of my notes. They were gone. That was instantly a downer, the last backup I had was created an entire month ago. Between here and there I had lost a load of effort. Luckily I had been creating manual backups.

Losing a month of notes was still quite a depressing thought. Upon plopping the backup file into the program I realized that the links with which I had organized my writings with had all become inactive. The entire notebook amassed over the last two years or so had become much less utilitarian, this was a feature I particularly enjoyed. Thankful to have them still, I pressed on but the gravity of the loss sat with me as I moved forward. After a few minutes I gave it a go from a different angle and I had success in a way that is likely considered a miracle. My files were somehow recovered and corrected by an updated version of the software and I had a free subscription to cloud backups sitting around that is now being put to good use.

As we all know very well our lives can be quite busy. We pad our bank accounts with savings in an attempt to save face when it comes to the unexpected. We find ourselves maintaining proper diet and exercise in an attempt to preserve our health for the long term. Many people today spend a considerable amount of time building up the various facets of what they deem to be valuable. A writer creates poems, novels, and short stories all of which can take huge amounts of time to complete. There comes a time when we must ask ourselves if we are we properly managing the way in which we pad the time we’ve sunk into projects.

The unexpected is just that. We cannot foresee when these things will happen and we prepare for the former within many of the important aspects of our lives. As we may find ourselves quite busy, it is extremely important that we have padding there to save us when we fall. If I had not created a manual backup a month ago I’d have lost even more data, luckily I lost none in the end but the lesson was learned. Though there is value in repetition, it is sometimes unworthy of a visit unless called for. Protect what you value friends, don’t delay!

I wish for you success, growth, and happiness. Take care!

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