Beginning to Mind

If you’re of the helpful sort its very easy to get pulled into explaining away the benefits of why a specific thing is worth while. What I have noticed is that divulging too much information on the benefits or experiences to be had can be a bad thing in an interesting sense. Convincing someone to undergo a process or to simply walk a path that will likely benefit them in the long run is an achievement to have accomplished. To do so while allowing them to walk those paths with a completely open mind is a precious form of art.

There are most certainly times in which touching on the benefits when introducing someone to a worthy venture is required, without such we’d have nearly no persuasive basis to work with. I have found that in some cases it is best to keep these points generalized. This is where the words we speak count the most, it really is an art. In a sense by doing so we are appreciating the other person for we know that they’ve yet to see what is to come and stifling their progress in any manner could be detrimental to their development.

By divulging too much information we may leave the individual searching for these specific benefits more than they are focused on grounding themselves to the process at hand. Meditation is what brought this to mind for me as I have experienced the evolution of the process over a few years first hand. Recently I came to a new insight that allowed me to go even deeper and to achieve things I had heard of prior but was unable to attain myself. It made me wonder how many people heard things about meditation from a teacher, latched on, and never really let go of what they were told.

In the case of meditation it is always good to have a teacher. The important thing is that we must realize in the case of meditation that no thinking will ever get us to the heights we wish to reach. The ideas and expectations set forth by what we learn often manipulate the way in which we approach something. Simply by these notions existing in our minds we are sometimes rooted to them because we know no other. It is not necessary for these ideas to be untrue or wrong either, this point is important to understand.

This is why looking at things with a beginners mind can be so valuable to us. Doing so is very difficult and most often times it feels impossible to achieve, the skill can certainly be acquired. By approaching new things in life with a beginners mind we are able to move past the limitations set forth by the ideas of what we are taking on. When we move past ideas and into feeling and experience we are able to more fully master the matter at hand. The ideas and direction are important to us but we must not allow them to become cemented in cases where they need not be.

If we are mindful of this principle we are able to more easily allow people to maintain a beginners mind themselves. By using generalizations instead of specifics where applicable we have the ability to bestow unto the other a true gift. Priceless.

I wish for you happiness, success, and growth. Take care friend!

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