Going on Gut

Every day we are subjected to situations be they routine or unusual that demand our attention. These are the experiences that impact us and very often others are sucked into the picture as well. If we are a problem solver or one prone to looking for the ways in which something can be improved the most common approach to solving these questions we pose to ourselves and sometimes to those around us is to think them over. We think our way into and out of communications all the time and this thinking can sometimes leave us feeling nervous, fearful, and even leave our stomach tied in a knot.

I’m sure we can all relate to the deadline. Something has got to come to an end, its coming closer by the minute and we’re all tied up in our thoughts. Uncertainty, hesitation, and ‘is this the right choice’ are all fairly common pieces on the chess board of life. They’re the tough ones that must move in order for us to line up a real hole in one. How do we manage to untie the knot forming in our stomach that’s leaving our voice cracked, stranding us in thought?

The solution is one that we may find a little difficult at first. It sounds simple and we may, at surface value, believe that we are already masters of this approach. Doing what we feel is right is more complicated than it seems and it may be worth looking into if we believe that we already operate on such a basis. In our every day experiences we are frequently called upon to exercise this tool in our utility belt but we may be surprised at how often we allow the dust to collect upon it. Doing what we feel is right does not mean that we must be demanding, instigating, or even defiant with the way in which we operate. Orienting our decisions in this way is akin to the nomad thrusting his trusted self sharpened tip of a spear into what he intends to feed his family on. He is rather confident that he is making the right choice of tool and he can remain focused on other characteristics of the hunt because of this confidence.

For us this may mean that we can more easily focus on our presentation, preparation, or elaboration. If it is a point we must make we may find that through ‘going with the gut’ we are actually able to take a more intellectual stance than ever before. Working from the heart and through what we know to be the right thing leaves us out of our heads and into our experiences more often than not. We are less focused on what others may think of our stance and approach and more focused on results and getting our message across in a manner that highlights what we are able to see as the innate ‘rightness’ of what we propose. I hope that you decide to explore such a compass. You may find it points you in an entirely new and exciting direction in life that leaves you with few regrets.

I wish for you success, growth, and sincere fulfillment. Take care friend!

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