Where The Money Goes

Where our money goes is a good indication of what we value in life. To keep a roof over our heads we pay the rent or our mortgage because we value maintaining the place that we’ve come to know and love. Without regular payment of these bills we’d have no place to live, unless our mortgage was paid off of course but even then we’ve got property taxes to look after. By looking through our finances we can find many things that are generally said to be necessity and those that are less than that.

If you see that someone frequently makes purchase of fish food you will likely find that they partake in some sort of fish keeping. This information is extremely valuable to marketers and an entire industry exists that loves to get their hands on information like this. In fact, billions of dollars are spent every year toward such an effort. There are many reasons why they can benefit from such information but have you thought about how we could benefit from a quick look over of our own spending habits?

If we are a fish keeper running an analysis of our own expenditures and we find that we’ve spent no money toward the upkeep of our fish in the last two years wouldn’t that seem a bit odd? The same goes for someone in pursuit of growth, success, or personal development. While the internet provides a plethora of free resource for us to dive into it is still ever important that we branch out and explore the options that are out there. Seminars, books generally unavailable in online format, courses, and things of this nature aren’t typically free but they can be extremely valuable to us if we choose to tap into them.

Looking over the way in which we spend our money is important in more than just one way. Through this exercise we can very simply identify if the way in which we spend our money aligns with the way in which we wish to live our lives. If we are truly looking for personal growth or similar in our future it may very well be worth while to set aside a monthly fund for us to make use of in exploring such a venture.

I wish for you success, happiness, and growth. Take care!

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