Stay Awhile and Listen

The next time you are out and about take a moment to observe the way in which you interact with others during communication. Awhile ago, after learning more about compassionate listening I took a deeper look at how I habitually converse with others. I found that quite often I tend to respond in some situations more often than not with some type of a projection of myself attached. This projection typically is made in an attempt to relate to the other or even in an attempt to continue communication. Though this is not inherently a bad thing, it is important to realize the limitations that the overuse of this type of habitual self centered communication can manifest.

By making habit of relating our speech to ourselves in one way or another we limit our own ability to truly and deeply listen to the other person we are communicating with. This is quite a common occurrence and this type of speech can be witnessed manifesting in others just as it can be seen at work within ourselves. Lifetimes can be spent speaking on oneself. Take a moment to consider the bore that such a habit might invoke if it were to continue or even to grow in a way that went unnoticed. Simple observation and awareness of this is most times sufficient for us to cultivate a desire to make a change for ourselves and for those around us.

By learning to more deeply listen to others when we engage in communications we open up many possibilities for ourselves and for the other person. For the other we give them a chance to be heard in a way that they’ve possibly not been heard in years. Through such compassionate communication we may even be able to help the other see the way out of a difficult situation, what may be clear to us may not be clear to them. Though we may not always be able to shed light on a proper solution we relieve the suffering of the other by simply lending our ear to them and through doing so we can be left feeling quite good about ourselves.

I wish for you growth, success, and happiness. Take care!

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