Napping Through Time

In the words of Winston Churchill “You must sleep between lunch, and dinner and no halfway measures. Take off your clothes and get into bed. That’s what I always do.” He attributed his productivity to his ability to cut the day into two different sections, he swore by it and made arrangements for his napping wherever he went. He was said to be capable of unbelievable amounts of work and often times it seemed as if we never even slept at all.

After hearing of Mr. Churchill’s success in napping awhile ago I decided to give it a go myself. I’d never really been the napping type but it seemed like something I could really come to enjoy. Months flew by and the napping routine has become an important tool in the arsenal. At first I was rather unable to fall asleep quick enough for a nap to really make sense amidst the day but with time my body and mind adjusted and allowed me to fall asleep rather quickly, likely due to the routine nature of the nap.

If at all you find time in your day it may be worth while for you to consider the same. Such a practice will leave you feeling absolutely rejuvenated and ready to take on more during the day. If you frequently feel burnt out or sluggish midday or later you’ll find that with these naps that may soon change.

I wish for you success, happiness, and a bid of good rest. Take care!

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