Here & Now

Just about everything you could ever dream of achieving is accomplished through the actions you take in the here and now. At some point or another each and every success starts and likely relies heavily on your connection to what is here now. Your ability to become successful in whatever it is that you set out to achieve is directly linked to your ability to maintain your focus on that goal while interacting with the things within your direct experience.

When I say here and now I am speaking of the most immediate experience of which you’re currently viewing. That hand outstretched to the mouse and the keyboard or computer screen in front of you are residing within that fold of life referred to as the here and now. They are not a fantasy in your mind existing elsewhere. These are the things I am speaking of when I refer to the here and now and within them is seated your success.

In today’s time there are hundreds of ways to distance ourselves from the world that surrounds us. If we so please we can leisurely scroll through endless text between the binds of a book or carry ourselves away into the screen of a computer peddling to us the latest trending videos or funnies. I propose to you that it is in our best interest to build the bridges which link us to what is here and now. It will prove beneficial to us and even those that surround us. If we are given a chance to look back on life as we are about to pass I can assure you that a life lived for the here and now will leave you with little regret in comparison to the alternative.

There exist plumbers, wood carvers, carpenters, and experts in many a field that can attest through their mere existence and profitability in business that maintaining a solid connection to the here and now holds its weight in gold. It is no mere coincidence that there is wealth to be found within the professions rising out from experience and expertise. Time is our most valuable resource here and if it is spent here and now working on perfecting a craft it will pay dividends.

I wish for you success, growth, and personal sovereignty. Take care friends!

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