The Collective

At work, at home, in public, and anywhere around others in general for us it has been made easy to take on an individualistic approach to life. We could go for vast amounts of time only concerned with ourselves and whatever else we deem to be important enough to allow into our circle of life. There are certainly benefits to such a lifestyle and sometimes conducting ourselves in this way is important at times for our minds and for our growth in some respects.

It is important for us to realize that we are only as strong as the next link in the chain. Society is an extremely complex and interconnected system. While it feels as if we could go our entire lives ignoring that fact is that really the best thing to do? Imagine a world in which the person next to you was willing to offer assistance or advice to you if you were to come into trouble or uncertainty in whatever it may be. A world where looking to your neighbor for help was encouraged and not frowned upon or taboo. What might that world look like?

While it may seem idealistic for some of us in the world where such a reality is quite far off we must realize that we have the power inside of us to bring that fantasy into existence for the immediate world that surrounds us. By tapping into our personal store of value cultivated through personal development we are able to reach out to those in our communities and further to bring just a little glimmer of that fantasy to reality for some. In being willing to lift up our neighbor we are taking part in the mission to make the world a better place in a big way. It is easier now more than ever and it is time we play our part.

I wish for you success, growth, and genuine happiness. Take care friend.

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