Idea Veins

Gold miners have their work cut out for them, its likely gotten much easier over time with the development of machinery and specialized tools at their disposal alongside generation after generation of insight sprung from devotion. One thing that has certainly not changed since the good old days is that if a gold miner strikes gold, he’s bound to stick in his heels and dig deeper for more. People have fought to the death over such discoveries, the gold doesn’t last forever but when the getting is good there’s work to be done.

This principle doesn’t just pertain to gold mining. In fact, it is something we should be keeping an eye out for in our creative endeavors. No, I don’t mean gold but being conscious of idea veins and working toward reaping the rewards of said slipstreams can certainly lead the way to a righteous haul of the same golden nuggets these miners have been chasing for quite awhile now. All it takes is a little preparation and follow up.

As we work to develop ourselves we have our ups and downs. Not every day is particularly creative or inspiring but that’s okay because if we are taking advantage of those high points we will find that we have a wealth of leads to follow when it comes to hashing out our content. Just the other day I hit one of those mental gold veins and ideas seemed to spring forth throughout the day just asking to be jotted down so that they could be acted upon when appropriate. Preparation is the only hurdle here we’ve got to tussle with to come out a winner on the other side.

If you’ve not already, ensure that you’ve a notepad with you of some type at all times in which you will jot remembrances and passing ideas. The notepad can be digital or physical, I opt for digital on my phone. This is extremely important and with proper mindful effort you will come to see that such a small investment can sow the seeds for big rewards with a little action and follow through.

I wish for you success, happiness, and growth. Take care friend!

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