Range of Motion

Life for many for quite awhile has been routine. Though our routines in the more developed portions of the world are for a large part no longer made up of the primitive demands from the past, we are still called to those things that must be done. For most of us this no longer means chopping wood, carrying water in the most traditional sense and it is worth looking into what might be considered lost from such a change.

In turn for a life apart from the hardships of the past we’ve stepped into a new realm of daily difficulties. Much of these require more mental labor than physical but that isn’t always the case. If you work in a warehouse you’ll surely be putting in a laborious day of work in a physical sense more often than not. We have completely changed the way in which we interact with the world around us for a vast majority of the planet’s inhabitants but we are left with the same physiology.

If we are not mindful to tend to ourselves properly, in limiting the way we interact with the world around us on a daily basis in a physical sense we’ve in turn embodied a less expressive lifestyle. When I speak of expression in this case I am referring to our range of motion. Our arms, fingers, wrists, legs, ankles, neck, jaw, and all other points of movement are able to be ‘expressed’ in their ability to move through a wide range of placements. If you’re able to express your range of motion well you’re considered to be flexible.

We frequently see animals making good on their efforts to stretch in nature and even around the house if you’ve gotten a dog or a cat. How long has it been since you’ve last given your body a good stretch? Consider taking a good five minutes or so to just explore your range of motion. If you want to go the extra mile there are loads of videos on Youtube that can assist you in adapting a stretching routine. It is certainly a worth while venture, if we choose not to use it when it comes to our range of motion we will surely lose it later in life. If it’s been quite some time since you’ve done something like this you will easily be able to see the restrictions starting to take root.

I wish for you health, happiness, and success. Take care friend!

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