Film Reel

Life is unpredictable but this is something we know. It isn’t always on the forefront of our minds and because of this we can miss out on fantastic opportunities of experience when they’re available to us. Life’s most simple pleasures are the things we find ourselves surrounded by every day. More often than not these simple pleasures are also the things we tend to take for granted. They are here now and they can used as a doorway for us to begin experiencing life in a new light.

Over the period of our lives there come moments of which we seem to be able to recall with a certain vividity. Not just every moment can be recalled in such a way but for these it seems as if a switch was flipped on an internal camcorder for storage and reference at a later date. It’s easy to find ourselves occasionally reminiscent of times like these, I presume life wouldn’t be quite the same without them. I’m sure you’ve a couple of these memories that are able to be brought to mind with little effort. They might even just be of you doing nothing particularly exciting during a time now past.

In the last few years I’ve begun truly coming into moments of my life to appreciate them as they occur. By doing so when people, pets, or experiences come to pass as they are meant to by their nature there is much less for me to wish for and more on my plate to appreciate. Connecting to these moments and appreciating them for what they are while they are can become a most powerful ally throughout life.

The next time you are confronted with those experiences that are unique to you consider setting root through them as they occur. In doing so we are more free to connect with our emotions and loved ones too. You will find that instead of leaving the camcorder effect to chance we become more connected to the role as the director of our own film reels.

I wish for you success, growth, and happiness. Take care friend!

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