There are people out there that have worked their way up to remembering the order of an entire deck of cards. They can do this in no time and rarely ever do they make a mistake. It’s common for them to say that once you are familiar with the technique it is quite easy with due practice. They commonly point to a mental exercise in which they create a virtual scene within their minds of a common place to them such as the layout of their home. From here they take the time to recall all of the objects in the room waltzing through the home in their mind. After this they’re able to assign roles to each object such as relating the Queen of hearts to the top left desk drawer and so on. This is how they achieve such mastery.

Through understanding such mechanics as the one above we are able to make use of it in our teaching of others. If you’ve frequented my blog you may have gotten a feel for my style of writing. This is the first time I’ve approached writing in any sense on a daily basis so my style is still developing as I go but there’s most always a story or something that can be related to the topic at hand within the mix of the day’s writings.

This puts the mechanic described above to work to some degree in our mind. Being able to relate a lesson to a story or a life experience in some way helps our memory make the connection. We are extremely good at recalling stories, this is likely due to the nature in which we’ve communicated with others ever since communication existed. We communicate through story and if we are able to derive or pair lessons with those stories we receive nine times out of ten we will find that we are absorbing more of the lesson at hand.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care friend!

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