No Maserati

Going through the motions of education is the easy part of growth. All we’ve truly got to do is show up and do the work. Thankfully, nowadays that doesn’t always have to mean going to a brick and mortar establishment on a regular basis we can tackle a good portion of our learning from our home office. The real challenge is making something of what we learn so that we are able to exit our learning stage and enter our earning stage without life giving us much of a tussle.

There exist many a people who lead lives that create steady income flows. The lot of them live quite well even. As one that grew up around individuals that worked traditional nine to five jobs I looked at those around me who lived life by means of private income. I was a bit confused as to how to go about obtaining such a lifestyle for myself. Education of some sort either through direct experience or traditional teaching methods were among the more obvious ways to start for me but even then it seemed as if there was a disconnect because a majority of those who follow such a path end up with a traditional nine to five. I wasn’t wrong in my observation there and those people aren’t wrong to do so, it is simply their choice.

I’ve yet to break away from the traditional nine to five myself but I’ve certainly obtained a bit of insight since my journey toward generating private income began. Creating such an income stream is actually very simple but it requires a tremendous amount of confidence and inner drive. This is part of the reason why many fail in independent business. You must be confident in the fact that things will work out for you in the face of failure and your inner drive must be of the nature to compel you to reach out to and take advantage of all possible means of moving forward with your experience and education required along the way. A vision is a must but simply knowing what you want to do and being able to visualize such a reality for yourself is only the beginning.

Once you’ve put in the work to hammer out what you want to do you start off on your hero’s journey. Experience and learning is typically the first thing on your plate. Your methods will vary but you reach out to all sorts of resources. Teachers, literature, the internet, and you begin getting your hands dirty breaking ground for the first few steps on your path. This is all good and well, surely you’re headed in the right direction to where you must go. The stepping stones to cross that river may even start to materialize before your very eyes. You find that you begin to move organically from subject to subject within the niche or realm of study you’ve chosen and before you know it your wheels are chugging along at quite a satisfying pace.

If your aim is to get a job on the other end what you are doing is quite alright and continuing such action will allow you to pass your exams with ease but if you are aiming to create a private income stream things are going to have to be a little different along the way. While we certainly may find exams to pass and credentials we’d like to receive along the way, we must keep in mind that what we are doing is entirely self driven. The oxen aren’t going to mush themselves and if we aren’t awake at the reins they’ll settle for chewing the grass. While that may be satisfying to watch, that’ll get us nowhere in the long run.

We must make plans and take massive action toward creating our vision as we educate ourselves. The sooner we take the action, the sooner we learn from our mistakes. The wagon wheels are bound to fall off, especially if it is our first rodeo. The wagon will be shoddy and certainly no maserati. Getting where we aim to go is going to take time in almost all occasions. By squeezing the juice from our education and refining that down into specific goals that we then apply to our business idea we will find that we are tossing logs to the fire of our success. The plans that precipitate from our learning serve as the hooves beneath our oxen’s feet, they’ll take pride in taking us where we wish to go if we tend to them well.

I wish for you success, growth, and an exciting time here. Take care!

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