Horseshoes to Stake

When we look at a machine we see only the outside. If we decide that we are going to take a look inside it is only then that we witness all of the gears, pulleys, and electronic doodads. In most cases you will find that what lies hidden away on the inside is more complicated and complex than what sits on the outside. Odds are that if we study and explore the ins and outs of the innards that were once so complicated for us that we will grow into somewhat of a handyman in regards to the machine we’ve given study to.

If we approach the many ventures we encounter in life with such curiosity we will find that we are more often than not perfectly capable of doing the work ourselves where we once thought it to be impossible. This will save us hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars in outsourcing repairs and troubleshooting to third parties. By learning a bit of what lies under the surface we are also exposed to certain terminology that could prove useful to us in grabbing hold of another lead to elsewhere within whatever system we are navigating. This could lead us to discover solutions to our problems that were laid out by others in the past. Such understanding may even lead us unto what requirements must be met to acquire funding that could prove useful to our project, previously unknown to us.

The possibilities are quite endless. By going deeper we may unexpectedly even stumble upon a calling, finding what we feel drawn to do on a daily basis. The parts and pieces within a machine are interconnected with one another by way of pulley, gear, and electronic. The parts and pieces of life are interconnected by ideas, terminology, innovation, and more. In following these leads by way of educating ourselves we traverse the very interconnected net of whatever it may be we are dealing with. Diving deeper into a project or whatnot certainly does take time and because time is a limited resource we must proceed with a bit of tact so that the horseshoes we do toss are more likely to land on the stake. We cannot be the masters of everything.

I wish for you success, growth, and fulfillment. Take care friend.

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