A Jagged Edge of Good Fortune

There are some things that could occur in life that would surely ease the burden of a few of our difficulties. If we inherited a billion dollars perhaps we would experience some rather interesting changes, not all of them namely good I’d presume. It is quite easy for us to wish these things upon ourselves and to fantasize about how life might be through the eyes of our imagined self, this of course doesn’t just have to involve material goods or financial gain. While these illusions of greener pastures certainly feel good in the moment, we must realize that we are not so good at imagining the downsides that may come trailing behind such massive changes.

If we were to be given something in advance of being prepared to receive it we could surely be in for a rough ride and in the end we may be left feeling like we would have been better off never having gotten it in the first place. This is not to say that we should fight off those windfalls when they occur but we must remind ourselves of the ills that may befall us if we are not careful with our good fortune. There’s almost always a surefire route to trod on with whatever change that falls into our lap. By working to educate ourselves & to more fully understand what we are dealing with we minimize the possibility of ill fated happenings creeping out alongside our good fortune.

I wish for you success, growth, and peace of mind. Take care friends!

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