There are many problems within today’s society involving relationships. It is said that up to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce nowadays in the United States. This is quite an issue as I imagine that these individuals get together with quite the opposite intention. The roots spread quite deep and they’re far reaching as every relationship carries its own unique set of problems. Individuals in almost all cases these days carry around baggage with them be it emotional baggage or baggage in the form of some sort of disorder of thought. While this doesn’t have to be absolutely devastating to the way in which one orients themselves through life, it can certainly adversely affect their ability to maintain a healthy relationship that lasts though it doesn’t have to.

One major contributor to the severance of such relationships is a limited ability to communicate properly and compassionately to one another. Being able to utilize this skill could prove useful in what I would imagine to be a massive portion of these marriages that end in divorce. Knowing how to communicate is one thing but being willing in a way to stick your neck out a bit for the other person while they work through difficulties is a rare but important player on the field that should be considered. Obviously one must take themselves into consideration as well, some issues can be quite severe and your own mental health and well being must surely be accounted for when deciding whether or not the issue at hand is one that could be worked through. Here I am touching on the issues by which one and another can work on together, some things must be grown out of and a plant without water is served no growth.

To begin such growth both parties must have an open road of communication. They both must be willing to discuss their troubles honestly and at length with the other in a non judgemental or accusatory way. It is from there that growth is possible. Through discussions and communication as defined above a rope of trust can be woven between the two in which they’re able grasp onto to work themselves to greener pastures. You would be surprised what is possible through building a simple scaffolding of mutual trust, communication, and a sincere understanding that the other is there to support such growth.

I wish for you success, growth, and happiness. Take care friend!

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