Smallest Viable Audience

Seth Godin is the guy when it comes to marketing genius. He’s inspired loads of people through his work. If you’re into connecting with people and making a difference, I highly recommend giving him a listen to. One of the points that he speaks about is something he calls the smallest viable audience. I wanted to touch on this today because this topic came up in a discussion of mine this morning. Needless to say, Godin is all about the cutting edge of marketing and creating something that’s going to make it on today’s stage. The world is quite different from what it was twenty years ago and certainly very different from what it was only thirty years ago.

Before, television and radio pushed big ideas to big amounts of people. A lot has changed and you’re sure to be read on the this after spending some time with Godin. Television and radio aren’t quite the same nowadays. The power is turning to creators and individuals with ideas tailor made to specific groups of people. These groups need not be large, its best if they’re small. Even a few thousand will do in some cases. Think about how many people are on planet Earth. These people you’re looking for know what they want and if you’ve got what they’re looking for be ready because they will come. If you’re able to put umph behind this you’re bound to find success in something. It might not happen all in one go but simply understanding and working with this idea can help you ride the waves out there when the lake is choppy.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care out there!

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