As with everything there comes a cost and this certainly rings true with education. We understand the cost of attending university quite well. This idea is especially easy to entertain if you live within the United States. Additionally, the costs demanded by education be it through a brick and mortar sense or by a more independently lead venture don’t only concern your wallet. We may find ourselves strung along to many different costs along the way including but not limited to sacrifices, and time which we are also well aware of.

When it comes to the cost of educating ourselves in regards to a more independently oriented fashion upon going over a list of just a few of the common things that may come to mind for some, the cost of literature would be sure to appear. While the costs have decreased in some arenas of literature over time due to the innovation of electronic publications, the physical book is still a centerpiece in the arsenal of many. Books will take us to great lengths. With proper application of the material we read they’ve the potential in some cases to take us all the way with all things considered.

Literature is an interesting piece of the puzzle. It can certainly take us to great lengths but it is also in my opinion the most valuable investment we can make when looking to touch on new things. Books can be read at our leisure in a pressure free environment. It is through the common book that we are able to gain valuable insight that can then be used to determine if we are choosing to move our pieces forward on the grand board of chess we call life. Just as in chess, in life, we have numerous pieces that we are able to use to our advantage. As by the nature of tools some of them are better utilized for specific things than others.

A less common, sometimes forgotten and undervalued but extremely useful tool we are able to take advantage of would be the workshop or lecture. The workshop and lectures may last multiple days within a variable amount of hours and they are commonly out of your local reach. This means that they carry more than just one cost. The cost of admission, the cost of travel and the cost of lodging. You’ll find that the investment required of you to be present at such a get together can be quite high. Additionally there’s a real time demand for your participation and attention while you attend. If you were interested in simply exploring a field, n most cases, wouldn’t a book sound more suited to this purpose?

Once you find your way into something you particularly enjoy, depending on what you are vested in, you must select or obtain additional tools to aid you along the way. There are millions of tools out there in the world and being selective is important. We certainly will not choose the correct tool every time and we may find that we’ve been burned on a sunk cost ending in a bad choice. With tact and research we are able to guide our decisions in such a way to have more favorable outcomes. In achieving such a success, money well spent!

When it comes to attending workshops and lectures there are a variety of different benefits to consider. You may take some time to write these out on paper if you’d like so that you can weigh the pros and cons of each. If you find that the pros outweigh the cons, which I believe that you may, it could surely be worth your while to add these tools to your belt. I once heard that regular attendance of at least one workshop or lecture a year can help you cultivate the resources necessary to accelerate your success in whatever it may be. You’re out there mingling with others in the world interested in the things you’re looking to accomplish and in some cases the hands on experience alongside this is top notch bar none.

I wish for you success, growth, and life long learning. Take care friends!

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