Vendor of Life

What a weird little invention those occasionally quarter thieving toy dispensers were. Extremely successful whether you got what you wanted or not. Thinking back on it now, that was part of the rush! You really didn’t know what you were going to get out of it but you surely knew you were kissing that precious quarter goodbye. No bother if you had a handful of them right? You could just continue to plop those little bad boys in there with high hopes of getting what you wanted in return. Well, that happened sometimes but not all the time.

I still see these things to this day. Filled to the brim with little oddities and even sometimes stale but visually appealing little candies. Heck once they’re in your hand there’s no turning back stale or not. These machines are a little bit like life aren’t they? There are dispensers by which you know precisely what you’re going to get or close to it. Sometimes that delectable candy spills out with some not so savory crumbs, hopefully not a hair.. It has happened folks. You generally get what you put into them though. If you give it one go and quit, you’re walking away with whatever it decides to spit out at you and hopefully that is what you were looking for.

You get precisely what you put into life back out of it as well. Things are a little bit more obscure and unexpected on the field of life but in general the theme can be applied here quite well. If you aren’t plopping in the quarters, you have little room to expect success or satisfaction. Of course in the game of life things are not always peaches. You’re going to have troubles, failures, and sometimes you’re going to get precisely what you didn’t want but that is an essential part of the process. Without those failures and hardships where would we be with ourselves? It is easy to believe ourselves into thinking that we would be better off but is that really true? You’ll never be able to look at those little shiny clunkers the same again.

I wish for you success, growth, and fulfillment. Get what you want out of life, take care folks!

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