Snake at the Heel

When we start out on a path no matter what it be we will always encounter the unexpected. Its quite common for the mind to wander to the negative aspects of what could emerge from the shaded grass in the form of a snake biting at our heels. The truth of the matter is that while there are certainly negatives, its important for us to realize the real energy of the positive. Sometimes the positives are difficult to extract. The most powerful positives may be hidden among the muck and mire, jammed far back into the recesses of those places less traveled.

We aren’t necessarily always setting out on our journey with an intent to find such a thing but we will almost always unearth such if we maintain a steady pace of one foot in front of the other fueled by determination, discipline, and vision. Whether we fail or succeed is of no bother to an individual with such a disposition. Not every battle fought is won but every battle endured is worth a hundred or more in lesson. On the other side of the coin we will almost always be a different person. It is up to us to lay the foundation necessary for those important treasures to set root along the way. Upon them we can build something truly beautiful moving forward.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care!

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