Dollars on Balloons

Today’s topic is a bit of a heavy one. I feel that it is something that I should make reference to as I feel like understanding such a mechanic can help to encourage those of us out there working hard on our visions to keep moving forward. It may be for those out there who might be thinking about taking on something that may prove to be the most difficult thing they’ve done in their lives thus far and they’re not certain the added strain would prove to be worth it. We’re touching on the nine to five and how important it is for us to truly understand how money works even in the most basic of ways.

Robert T. Kiyosaki made mention in a book of his, “Average Americans today work four to five months for the government just to cover their taxes”. He admittingly said that this was quite a depressing truth but this is unfortunately not the lot of it. We also are up against an annual rate of inflation of one to three percent. This translates to a reduction in the spending power of our dollar by the year. Over a long period of time this equates to a need for a much larger income to be able to maintain the lifestyle we live now. In fifty years our income will need to pack in at a rate vastly different from what it does today. We cant leave this adjustment up to our employer, if we do we’re bound to be burned.

Additionally we’ve got the rising costs of healthcare and whatever other deductions required from us out of our checks. What we are getting paid sometimes doesn’t even manage to keep pace with the rate of inflation and these other deductions wait in the shadows to get their payout as well. While these things are required, it is important that we are aware of their creeping nature as they slowly increase in cost over time. With all of this in mind we must ask if this is sustainable? Considering all of what has been touched on here what might the future look like for the majority of us out there tied to a set amount of cash flow every week by check? It may be quite awhile off but we must face the realities that the numbers present to us. I’ve only just begun to explore the mechanics of money but I felt that this was a worth while share.

I wish for you success, growth, and happiness. Take care!

Inflation is going to impoverish all of us before people get pissed off enough to realize that all of the last hundred years of economic progress was actually a shell game to create billionaires, while the great masses of people saw their standard of living eroded and destroyed.

Terence McKenna

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