Art of Education

Education isn’t always going to be found in taking cheapest path. While there are certainly less costly and viable methods of educating ourselves, it is important that we never fear spending on our education. It is specifically our education that helps us leverage ourselves into earning more money. This education may come in the form of the experiences we are subjected to or even through the books we read or the lessons we’re taught by another. Though we must be selective in our choice of venture or tool, we must also be willing to make an investment in ourselves.

It is quite simple to spend money on our education. We can do this in essentially an endless amount of ways. During a brain surgery it is quite easy for a neurosurgeon to make incisions where he so pleases but he must use tact and his own know how to apply the correct incisions. We wouldn’t want a surgeon wildly incising our brain, we wouldn’t get anywhere this way. If we so choose to wildly spend on our own education we may be exploring and uncovering quite a bit of ground but we too would likely be getting nowhere fast. Our investments in ourselves must be guided with a steady hand. It really is an art in a way.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care folks!

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