The Bind of Our Mind

It happens all the time, the lies. We hear it from others and we hear it from ourselves and it comes from the very heart of what a lot of us see ourselves to be. It’s been with us since ever since we can remember and it will always be there with us in one way or another having lost its direction or not. It’s our mind. In my very short time here spent getting to know whats in there and working on building a positive relationship with it I have quickly learned that what is hidden behind the cliche “Your mind can be your worst enemy” is true. War generals, figure heads, and many ordinary people just like you and I spanning the entire timeline of history know this very well to be true.

Our minds lie to us all the time and if we aren’t careful we will listen to it. It’s an artist and it will fabricate nothing into the very thought that we cannot do it if we simply choose to stand by and let it. We don’t have enough time, we’re too busy, too stressed out, too stupid, or that we are simply not cut out for whatever it may be. I could go on for a millennia. The list is long and it doesn’t end until you decide that you’ve had enough. At first its a constant struggle against the bind of our mind, just about nobody is free from it. The people around us that excel in what they do, they’ve all dealt with it and I can tell you that they still do. Some days more than others but they face it every day in one way or another and they still decide to step forward.

If you’re having trouble moving toward change with your inner drive go onto YouTube or similar outlets and seek out stories told by those who underwent extreme hardship. The other week I listened to interviews with POW’s in Vietnam and while the stories can be grim, they can serve as fodder for our cannon. Through their stories we are able to take our lives and put them into a bit of a new perspective. How easy have we really got it and how much of what we tell ourselves is a straight up fabrication? It is up to each and every one of us to face this locked gate and I encourage you to begin today.

I wish for you success, growth, and freedom. Take care friends.

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