The Cork Board

In setting out to achieve what we wish we can benefit from learning how to be brutally honest with ourselves. Often times this means telling our self something we don’t necessarily want to hear. If we are open to such feedback we are also willing to bear the burden of the dissonance we create if we so choose not to follow up on any such honest observation. Like a cork board to darts we have got to be willing to feel the sting of the truth. The dart board maintains its structure and scoring capabilities even under the onslaught of many pointed ends. You’d be surprised how powerful something so simple can be for someone.

Throughout my life and up until recent years in self education I encountered a real issue with being honest with myself and following through on such honesty when I felt it well up inside. Upon going through whatever educational material was at hand if I didn’t entirely understand something I would instead move on with a half baked understanding of the material. Inside I knew this was an issue and the right thing to do would have been to slow down and review however many chapters necessary to rectify the uncertainty. If this was not enough I could have always reached out to a number of different resources but I never did and I suffered greatly for it as time continued to move forward for me.

In recent times I’ve welcomed such an inner voice of honesty into my life in all respects. I take heed to what is brought to my attention and if at all reasonable I take action on it without second guessing myself. This has completely eliminated the issue I was having with properly reviewing hazy material in learning. With it, many other problems have been prevented and solved. I figure that I am not the only one that had encountered such an internal struggle and in seeing this I was motivated to write about it here today.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care friend!

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