Limits Unseen

We’re constantly adding and removing things from the long list of the many ways in which we conduct ourselves. If we take a quick look at the way we operated just a few years ago we are likely to find that a few things have changed. Some of these changes are surely small and seemingly insignificant, others can be considerably large in comparison. If you are ever felt feeling like you just cannot make the changes you’d like to in your life take some time to sit back and review your timeline over the last ten years. You will see first hand that change is happening all the time. For better or for worse is not the main focus here, it is that real lasting change is possible and it is always happening. Be aware of this in the good times and the bad.

Just the other day something came up and it really made me think about how we as individuals go about doing things. Yes we may all be able to implement habit A or move toward goal B but the way in which we go about doing these things seemingly manifests itself. As people we are very different and the way by which we go about approaching the same situations and tasks can vary greatly. You can see this in the workplace, this can even be witnessed in the smallest things that life has to offer us like brushing our teeth or whatever else. What isn’t so easy to see is how the way we go about doing things might complicate things, getting in our way by means of limitation.

I took note of a realization this morning that by writing down my blog ideas throughout the day, I’ve altered the way by which my brain turns its gears on such a matter. Until now I’ve not noticed this and it got me thinking about how other things by way of how I conduct myself may be creating limits unseen. Many of us take for granted the way by which we operate. Maybe its time we took a look at these things,whatever they may be, so that we can determine whether or not we are creating limits for ourselves. This could be found in our diet, attitudes, thinking, the way we interact with others, how we go about doing certain things, and in so much more. Limitations can even be sewn in to the very fabric of who we believe ourselves to be.

I wish for you success, growth, and peace of mind. Take care friend!

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