Everyone in life struggles. We experience struggle in our own unique ways. The glow from the streetlight outside your bedroom window in the night will cast a shadow across the contents of the bedroom in a way unique to the position of the light source. Struggle casts a shadow unto our life in a similar fashion. All of it is emitted from a source be it external or internal and the shadow that is cast can be related to the way by which we choose to respond to our stressors. The shadow falls for everyone but how it spreads over the surface is dependent on the contents of the room.

There are so many different ways to handle stress and struggle. Perspective is one that I believe is highly undervalued in today’s society. We’ve become more connected than ever but we’re more deep seated into our own individual experiences than ever before. You would think that being so connected would have do quite the opposite but it has not. The internet is young and the tools that we have been given by it coming into existence are still in its infancy. We are together but separate and holding such a state we forget how to have some perspective in our lives.

Stories have been passed down and onto others in one form or another stretching as far back as history can remember. By listening to these stories we can learn more of the hardships others have gone through to give us strength in our own struggle. There is value in understanding the stories of others. Through this we can build an armory in our mind, from which we can arm ourselves when we’re on the front lines of our own battles in life. They will come.

I wish for you success, growth, and peace of mind. Take care friend!

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