I am writing this ahead of time as today I am on the road and headed toward Haysville Kansas. I’ll be visiting a mushroom farm there to participate in a commercial mushroom farming workshop. The scheduling of this post will allow me to focus on what’s on my plate until I return on the twenty second of September. I’ve not been out of state for quite awhile. The last time I did leave the state I ended up in a hospital room. What a way to experience my first time stepping foot onto a beach.

There aren’t many attractions in Haysville. It’s a fairly small town just outside of Wichita. To give you a little perspective Wichita has a population of 389,255 and Haysville clocks in at a quiet 11,264. The biggest attractions around, not in Haysville, include a giant ball of twine and a few rocks. I can assure you that I am not going just to see the big ole ball of twine. Looking back on my grass roots in mushroom cultivation, I had just gotten into the idea of fungi being beneficial to the human body in terms of consumption. My girlfriend and I were at a local organic foods market and I took a gander on the shelf there only to see a product by a quite popular fungi advocate.

After taking it off the shelf and looking at the ingredients I found that it was made up in quite a cheap way. Buying it out of sheer interest I spent a pretty penny and found myself sitting in the parking lot giving the bottle another look over. It didn’t take long until I mentioned that I could do this better. I knew I could get it to people at a better price with a more valuable and high quality ingredient composition. I felt that it was only right that I tried so I stepped. Moving forward I built the foundation required to sustain my first few fruits. It was a success.

I immediately got into contact with an artist and begun working on creating the brand’s image. It didn’t take but a month or two and things were really churning out once the ball got rolling. There was a local label maker just a town over with fantastic pricing on high quality labels. I stepped again. Before I knew it I had a marketable product that was of high quality, something I was surely proud of and along the way I really wasn’t sure how it all would turn out once I got down into the nitty gritty. Those second thoughts didn’t stop me and I went from holding someone else’s product in a grocery store parking lot to selling my very own variation. Things weren’t going to stop there.

Up until now I’ve been educating myself in business, doing the roadwork required to forge a sustainable and functioning business that will last. It’s been a long journey and it’s a real pleasure to be on this path. Soon I will be looking to buy my own property so that I will be able to begin working toward commercial mushroom production. This workshop will hopefully be looked back on in the next eight or ten years as a great step forward to my dreams. I encourage you to step. Take action on those things you’ve been putting off or dreaming of. Your success will not come over night and it might not even come within the next few years but we are here so far as we understand only once. This is your chance. Take it.

Take care friends, I wish for you success, growth, and peace of mind.

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