Timely Dreams

Life moves quick. The next time you find yourself relaxing look back into those moments captured by your mind when you were a kid. I vividly remember a day in which I was riding on my bicycle down the street near the apartment where I lived. I had taken the pegs off of my bike and jammed a smashed soda can in my back tire to really get the ambiance going. Make believing I was on a motorcycle, I rode down the street and to the stop sign. The cool breeze flew underneath my armpits and cut right through my short sleeved shirt as it took to the wind, pulling itself back onto my chest. “I’m going to be an adult one day” I thought to myself.

At the time my idea of an adult was only eighteen years old. I can look back on that now to see just how wrong I was. At the age of twenty six I feel like I am just now stretching my legs into what it means to be an adult. The world has changed quite a bit since then and I imagine it surely won’t stop any time soon. Life back in that time for me was simple and free. I was caught in that moment of time looking for the future.

It’s well past my eighteenth birthday now and if I thought hard enough I could think back to a time in which I was eighteen. Things were a little different than the previous story. I was just getting out into the world, figuring out how to navigate on my own. That time too feels like so long ago now at twenty six and now I am wise enough to understand that if I live to be sixty this time too will feel so long ago. While we are here and present within the moment we can take control. We have the ability to grab the wheel and make the changes that we will look back on from another time and another place like we are looking back on a dream. We will not be able to change what we look back on at that time just as we cannot do that now but in taking action today maybe we won’t feel the need to.

Take care friends, I wish for you growth, success, and peace of mind.

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