Our lives are routine. I’ve said it before here, as you well know if you frequent my blog, but I think there’s more to cover. There are quite a few implications that spring from maintaining a routine lifestyle. Some of these tag-a-longs are without a doubt beneficial to us. As with everything, its not all green pastures and blue skies. Some of the inherent limitations that arise from such living are certainly bound put a damper on our life if they go on unbeknownst to us.

Leading a routine lifestyle is bound to stick us up within our local area. This is not true in all cases but in most and in a majority of the outlier instances this rings true to some degree in one way or another. The people we are exposed to on a weekly and monthly basis become quite common to us over a period of time. We may even eventually begin to take for granted that the world is full of other minds, energies, ideas, creativity, and perspective. By tapping into the resources that lie outside of just arms reach we are able to more easily navigate the complex nature of whatever challenges we face.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care friends.

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