Crystalline Visions

This week I traveled by car from Ohio to Kansas. My aim was to further my education in mushroom cultivation and I’ve done just that. Attending this two day workshop has proven to be a fantastic experience. Now that I am getting ready to leave Kansas I am left with a newfound sense of confidence and a pot full of boiling ambition. There’s certainly years left to this road but what I’ve got to do is more clear to me now than ever. I’ll be spending the new week or so reviewing the notes I took during the workshop and conducting some follow up research on some of the points within.

The other night when I was sitting here at the hotel I was reminded of something I had once come across online. It was the notion that vision is valuable. Your ability to sit on the couch and create a vision in your mind of something you want to do with your life is par none one of the most undervalued abilities out there. I was left thinking about the first time I had thought about growing my own mushrooms for business and health in a parking lot on a cool fall day. While it hasn’t been long since this, that vision has blossomed into something I never could have imagined it to. There’s quite a bit still to come and sometimes I wonder where it will ultimately lead me.

If it wasn’t for my ability to create a vision of what I want to do in my head I imagine none of this would be possible. It’s a very interesting process. You start out with just an idea and then that simple idea turns into something unlike the others you possess. Things begin to happen in real time, in front of you and they’ve got tangible, physically present aspects. You can touch, feel, see, smell, and do with that idea that you pulled out of thin air if you act on it in the right way. From there you imagine where you could go next and you move accordingly. Eventually all of this begins to boil over into the lives of others.

First your idea makes a small impact on the people that surround you every day. You might become known for your idea within the circle of friends or coworkers because it is what ‘you do’. If you’re into creating things or sharing methods you’ll soon find that people in other states are being impacted by that original idea and so forth. Your idea becomes an experience for yourself and for others. No matter the size of the impact, if it makes its presence known good or bad you have done something that could be considered a miracle from some perspectives. It’s all really quite interesting and it is important for us to realize the power of such an overlooked and undervalued skill.

I wish for you growth, success, and true freedom. Take aim, shoot, and go far.

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