All Hurdles Considered

In life we are faced with many challenges. They come in all shapes and forms. Some of these challenges hit us straight out of left field, we never could have seen them coming. There are other challenges we face that aren’t so unpredictable. These challenges stem directly out of the things we choose to do with ourselves. A few of them spring up instantly after making a decision and others sprout like a flower from a seed, they grow roots and push upward until we they show their faces at a date much later than the choice we made.

These challenges form life’s hurdles. We jump over the ones we must as they come and we often times avoid the ones we don’t necessarily have to jump over. Each of them lay on their on track. They’re poised to set you off on different directions in life if you so choose and they serve another purpose. This purpose is one that many overlook, they are the gatekeepers. They serve as closed doors to the ones unwilling to take the jump and open lines of opportunities for the ones who are looking to make the leap onto their path.

The gatekeepers of life exist in all paths we could undertake. The further we get down a path riddled with hurdles, the more we leave in our wake. These serve as a buffer between the professional, the excellent, and the subpar and beginner. It is only the most determined, disciplined, and focused individuals who make it in the long haul on any road. When they begin they find themselves passing up beginners and when they end they may find themselves passing the greats. It is us to us to determine who we will be in life, all hurdles considered.

I wish for you success, growth, and wisdom. Take care friend!

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