Tinged With Gold

Every day we are given another opportunity to create, we can make a conscious effort and choose to bring things into the world daily if we’d like. Before taking the first step we really can be paralyzed by choice. There are a load of questions, uncertainties, and insecurities that may come alongside the desire to put content out into the world. We know that we want to do something but we don’t quite know what we’d like to do. It’s not uncommon to battle it out with ourselves for some sort of ‘certificate of legitimacy’ before we move forward with whatever it may be we’d like to do.

The big idea here is that to move forward we must simply move. We’ve got to take the steps necessary to get our engines started. No piece of machinery is going to go anywhere on its own accord if it’s not properly fired up before hand. The same goes for us. What we put into the world doesn’t have to be appealing to millions of people, it doesn’t even have to be viewed, appreciated, or read through by anyone in particular. When we start out creating we are surely shooting to make something beautiful, something that matters to us in regards to the satisfaction we derive from the doing required to get that thing out into the world but there’s more to it than that.

When we create we are flexing the many systems within ourselves that are required to do just that. They grow like a muscle in response to working with a barbell and plate. We chisel away at them and sculpt them into something reminiscent of a bodybuilder’s physique. Over time our ability to squeeze the juice from ourselves into the cup of life increases. We find that what ends up in our cup becomes increasingly tinged with gold. What were once drops of salty effort have now become something akin to turning water into wine. From there we are bound to build Rome.

I wish for you success, innovative thinking, and growth. Take care friend!

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