Elbow Grease

Remember those old time wells that had the hand operated spigot that stood above ground? The ones that had to be pumped a few times before they really sprung forth with anything other than spurts of air? At the age of twenty six I cant really recall anything like this that was actually put to good use in my time. The only one I am able to recall would have been the one out front of my aunts home when I was a child. I did give it a good go and I expected water to gush forth but unfortunately none ever did. It was still quite an experience working away at it.

There goes an old saying I once heard in relation to costs versus investments in business. Not everything you spend money on in a growing business is going to produce results immediately. This idea relates directly to the old well being primed for water. For every well we attempt to tap in business we cannot be sure of its outcome until we’ve given it a go. We have to be willing to toss a bit of money down the pipe to see if any comes back up in return. If indeed it does return, it usually does in ten fold. It’s a bit more complicated than giving it the old elbow grease though. We’ve got to put some real thought and effort into what we’re doing behind the movement of that money to increase the odds of our success.

Not every expense is a cost, it might well just be an investment and seeing it in this light makes it easier to take those leaps if we cannot clearly see what lies on the other side of the coin.

I wish for you success, growth, and independence. Take care friend!

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