Imagine That

If we aren’t paying attention to the way we think we may find ourselves boxed into imaginary boundaries. We all have an idea in our heads of what is reasonable and even an idea of what is possible for us to achieve or do. This idea is an entry point within our way of thinking that can potentially cripple our ability to venture forward to our goals. The first step to overcoming such a limitation is to prove to ourselves that we are wrong, we have defined limits which are imaginary.

The single most powerful way to put a dent in such thinking is to take action. Begin to do things that even you yourself would find unexpected, over the top, or impossible. Go out on a wing and really put forth some effort to take a wide stride in a direction that makes you uncomfortable. Do something you’d imagine ‘someone else’ to do, take whatever that might be by the horns and go after it mechanically if you must. By doing just this we bust through our misconceptions. Nine times out of ten after doing so we are able to see that we really are capable of more than we figured ourselves to be.

I wish for you growth, success, and well being. Take care partner.

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