Rubik’s Life

A rubik’s cube may seem quite unpredictable but it actually follows an if then because format. If this block color is aligned in this particular position then move it like this because it is directly related to this particular algorithm used to solve the cube. Life’s plans don’t always work out like this but our ability to move across the surface of life’s cube in an if then because format directly relates to our success in solving the puzzles we encounter on the way to our goals.

One cannot solve a rubik’s cube with a rigid approach. Going at each new face shown by the twist of the cube with such a mind set will ultimately end in your failure to solve the cube. You may get extraordinarily lucky but this would occur by the heels of a razor thin chance. Windfalls aren’t going to push us through to see our envisioned end, we cant count on reaching this end by inflexible means. Each limitation we set for ourselves adds another bar to the window we look out of when we are imagining our success.

I wish for you success, growth, and that feeling we get when we achieve.

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