Moving Right Along

Not every plan is going to go as slated. Most often the plans we set forth to carry out with a determined sense of rigidity are bound to fail. In knowing this we can make our plans flexible. This doesn’t mean that they are created by the seat of our pants as we go but we take the time when mapping out the original terrain to leave some wiggle room. We don’t tie ourselves down to the railroad per-say so that if we are trucking along and we see a train coming straight for us we can simply side step and reassess. If the place we find ourselves in seems to be fit for a continuance we lay track and mush forward.

On the other hand if we see that where we’ve gotten our footing after taking a little leap is less than desirable we can always work through the train metaphorically speaking and then take one step to the side and be right back on the same old beaten path we were just on. From here we can reassess once more and move forward accordingly. This is such a valuable skill to have in life and it really opens doors for people that implement such a utility.

I wish for you success, growth, and satisfaction. Take care friend.

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