Do I Copy?

Previously touched on here in the blog was the notion that nearly seventy five percent of all communication is misunderstood on the receiving end. Within the last few months in my own experience I have taken mental note of just how many times this occurs throughout a typical day for me. It happens through text and voice more than what I had previously noticed. I also have been paying attention to how many times I personally misunderstand the communication coming my way.

This kind of observation has helped me slow down and chip away at my old habits of communication. My ability to more fully clarify what others have said has increased as I am leaving more room for questions and quick clarifiers on my end so that before I proceed I am fairly sure that I’ve extracted the correct information out of the exchange. This type of listening also threads the needle to respect for the other as in doing so they can easily see that you are there to hear what they are saying. This may seem like a small tid bit here but it truly can make quite the positive difference in the way one conducts themselves if it is given proper nutrition.

I wish for you success, growth, and well being. Take care friend!

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