Living In a Conceptual World

Every day we encounter situations that beckon our imagination. We go through life thinking that we deeply and accurately understand the concepts and things we are presented with. Much of what we believe to be accurate and true is based purely on imaginative concept. A lot of this may be difficult to come to see for some but if we really get down to it we could make a massive list of the things we don’t concretely know as one hundred percent true or ‘real’.

For example, we go our entire lives thinking that we know others quite well. We can build up ideas of specific people within our head to match our concept that we’ve built up maybe even over a period of many years. This becomes quite comfortable for us to entertain as true as we move forward but is this an idea or something concrete? The person in which we place our ideas in is in no way held to our belief of who they are or what they are about. Our conceptualizations can become quite complex and essentially every concept we come up with is rooted in assumption. This holds true for even the most apparent things to us in a literal sense. It may seem quite far fetched to entertain the most complex and deep seated beliefs as concept but in doing so we can gain more perspective.

I wish for you success, growth, and wisdom! Take care friends.

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