Vigilance to Weakness

This afternoon I came across an interesting idea that sort of went along with the advice I have given to overcome procrastination. In the past as you may have found here on the blog I outlined a potentially useful plan of attack on procrastination. You essentially monitor your thinking and when anything related to procrastination comes along, even entertaining the thought of putting something off, you do it right away. This was how I overcame my procrastination and it worked quite well for me.

Today a couple of guys in a podcast mentioned that they had been attacking their weaknesses by doing something whenever they noticed a weakness sneaking into their thoughts. For instance, if they walked by the break room at work and seeing a platter full of donuts and thought to themselves “No, I am not going to have one of those” they would in turn do ten burpees or something similar at a later more opportune time. By doling out such an attack in response to even entertaining a weakness, even in denial of it, they found that it helped them in the aspects they did wish to focus on. Getting themselves moving and keeping themselves vigilant was a one two punch.

I wish for you success, growth, and a hearty week. Take care friend!

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