Unseen Arts

When you think of art what comes to mind? When I think of art it seems that my thinking drifts toward the visually appealing, beautiful pieces of work in life. I believe mother nature and humans are one in the same but when I denote a creation made by human and by mother nature, I’m sure you visualize the difference therein. I’ve found that art does not always lie in what is most apparent to us. It can be found quite anywhere attention to detail is applied.

Attention to detail when exerted in any given situation generally brings a whole new realm of perception forward. When we exert such attention to the details that exist upon the bark of an ordinary tree by which we pass every day we find that there are most certainly details slathered across the surface that we truly could not have pinpointed to precision before we inspected it further. These new revelations open up an entirely new map for us to navigate in terms of our understanding of the tree in front of us, and possibly in regards to what we can now do with our newfound perception. For instance, we may have found a tasty grub to feast upon. If at all possible I highly suggest visiting the grocery before you decide to indulge.

When we take such attention to any ordinary act it opens up the possibility for it to become somewhat of an art. In bringing our attention to specific processes for an extended period of time we learn more of it. By doing so we may find that those things we once took for granted are actually quite a bit more complicated than we had imagined in some cases. This discovery could serve as the rough edge of art. These complications serve as a basis for the seed of an expert to bloom. A pipe fitter for example that’s been on the job thirty years is sorely better than one who’s served for just a few months. Keep in mind though that not all arts must be developed for thirty years.

I wish for you growth, success, and happiness. Take care friends!

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