A little about myself

My name is Jordan I’m 26 years old and I am the sole operator of MycoPals. MycoPals is a growing business working toward the establishment of a small scale gourmet mushroom farm. The business is currently based out of Dayton Ohio with plans to relocate within the next few years. Along the way I am going to give my best effort at giving back to the community. For you that means the availability of quality products to aid you in your own endeavors, information, and an up close and personal documentation of my journey to small scale production.

As I write this in September 2020 it’s been just about two and a half years since I took my first step into the fungal world. My interest had been piqued after hearing of the potential benefits of medicinal mushrooms. From there I began reading various online discussions, articles, and things of that nature. Not long after, I came across a mushroom medicinal product on a shelf at a local grocery store. I picked up the bottle and gave it a good look over, it was a tincture, and I decided to go ahead and buy it after having set it back on the shelf a time or two.

Not long after settling into my car I pulled the tincture from the bag and inspected it further. I took note of the fact that it was made up of less than desirable ingredients and I thought to myself that I could do better than this. At the time I didn’t particularly know how I was going to do that but I just felt like it was possible. I let my old lady know what I had been thinking of the product and that I had an itch to create my own that included more wholesome ingredients. That was a real pivotal moment for me and it sent me down the giant rabbit hole that I still to this day find myself quite comfortably residing in.

After a bit of putting my nose to the grindstone for awhile I had done it. I produced my first tincture and there it sat in my hand. It felt so good to have created something that others may find useful so I did it again I created my second tincture and then I shared them online to quite a reception. I sold none. Sales slowly trickled in over the next few months, that’s really all I needed to be quite satisfied. People had great things to say about what I had to offer. It was a feeling like I had really never experienced before as this was my first business venture. So I kept on doing things and I’m glad I did.

As with anything in life like forging molten metal into a blade my direction and goals here with MycoPals have changed as I’ve come along. My original intent was to produce that tincture and to make that available to others. This has turned into something entirely bigger than that over these last two and a half years of my life. I’ve become completely enamored by fungi and MycoPals has changed me as a person in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. In looking to better MycoPals as a business to better serve others, it has in turn bettered me and that trickles into just about every aspect of my life. No matter where this goes as time moves on I have found that through MycoPals I am having just about the time of my life and I’ve barely begun.

These last two and a half years have been mainly spent cooped up in my makeshift study with my nose in books. Mostly books on commercial mushroom cultivation and fungi but I’ve also gotten deep into some personal development along the way so that I am better fit to do what will be required of me as MycoPals grows into what it is to become. In the beginning I held back as I surely didn’t wish to offer any subpar products or services, there are plenty of those in all different fields across the internet. Over this period of time I’ve learned quite a lot. My confidence has grown and it is time that I begin to put my know how to use for others as I am able while I work toward achieving my goals here with MycoPals.

I am wise enough to know that there is a vast amount of education out there still waiting to be received. Right now I am doing my best to pursue such knowledge as best I can as I maneuver my way to opening up more doors for myself. This means getting out there and getting it every single day to bring quality products and service to the front page of MycoPals, making the moves necessary to position myself as the owner of a property capable of regular small scale mushroom farming, and meeting those out there that are willing to share with me what they know so that it can be recycled right back into the big fungus machine.

It feels like I’ve come so far but there’s such a long ways to go. Strap in and enjoy the ride. I’m glad you’re here and I’m going to do what it takes to continue to be a part of this awesome community I’ve found myself caught up in.

-MycoPal Jordan

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