About MycoPals

MycoPals is a growing owner operated business working out of Dayton, Ohio. It came into existence in April 2019 out of a love for fungi and an intent to serve others. MycoPals is focused on moving toward small scale gourmet mushroom cultivation so that it may serve the local population as well as those online who are able to take advantage of what we’ve got to offer. If you grow mushrooms on a hobby scale or even on a small commercial scale, you’ve come to the right place. It’s my mission to do what I can to be at your service while MycoPals continues to grow toward new possibilities.

I hold MycoPals to a high standard of quality. This is important to the business not only because I feel that this is what people in this niche community deserve, but because creating high quality client relationships matters. When you interact with MycoPals, you’ll to be left feeling confident in the products or services you’ve received. Everything that comes out of here is tested and, if it passes through my hands, it is treated as if it were my own. I personally mark every delivery with our signature stamp, ensuring that the contents from start to finish have been looked after with the utmost care.

As time moves forward you can expect to see MycoPals’ journey unfold on the website here and on social media. We’ve boarded the train to small scale gourmet mushroom production on the ground floor and we are going all the way with a relocation planned in the near future. There’s a lot to do and I plan to share the details of it all with you as I go along so that you too may learn from the experience. I’m glad you’ve found us and it’s a pleasure to have you aboard. Be sure to follow along by following us on social media!

MycoPal Jordan

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