About an hour an hour

Make a list of three of the most expensive things you can think of within one minute. No searching the web, just your brain. Have you finished up? Alright great. I jotted down a mansion, a private jet, and a four pound diamond. Quite expensive indeed but what about time?

Time is actually rather cheap and outsourcing is easier than ever. Don’t want to write up your own blog? That’s fine, go ahead and outsource it to someone on the other side of the pond if you wish. Authentic? No. Cheap? Well that depends.. With the endless list of potential applicants on the other side of your bid you’re bound to find a steal. Nobody said we had to go for quality here.

See the weird thing is though that time is actually so valuable in itself it is practically priceless. Whether you make only a few American pennies a day or a stack of proper Ben Franklin we’re equally given a strict diet of 24 hours to our day. There are things we cannot escape the tax of such as sleep and what we’ve to do to pay the bills. Outside of this realistically short list we find remainders. Great news indeed.

So we might find utility in asking ourselves how much those remainders are worth? Are they worth equally as much as we are assigned at our day job, say $12.65 USD per hour plus the dreaded weight of taxation? It very well could be if we allow it. Unfortunately, more often though speaking truthfully we assign it a big round 0 as we turn our midsection into something similar wasting those remainders away.

It can be useful to remind ourselves that we are speaking of raw, unadulterated time. This very asset is something the now passed Felix Dennis would have traded his empire of millions for. He’s not the only one, and if you’re still young you’ve got quite the bounty of hours left ahead of you potentially so wake up and grab them by the reigns.

Get out there and make it happen. Take care of yourself out there friends.

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