One step

Just last year it was said that the Earth we live on is inhabited by a whopping 7,800,000,000 humans. Seven billion, eight hundred million people. That is just unfathomably large. The town I currently live in was estimated to have just about fifteen thousand people living in it in 2019. There are Youtube channels with 182 million subscribers out there which is a little over 12,000 times the amount of people living in this small little town I hang around in. The statistics are mind blowing any way you look at them.

Now remember that each and every one of those human beings has a life just as unique to them as yours is to you. Their lives are made up of people, pets, places, and memories just as rich and real as your own. Its easy to forget sometimes even though it may be so simple! We take these things for granted and from time to time it can prove to be worth while to step back and assess the bigger picture.

So many of us work nine to five jobs and most recently we are seeing more and more people come forth with stories of trouble in making ends meet. We are certainly living in interesting times, though most any period of time could probably have been said to be interesting within the last couple hundred years. I believe that what we are seeing could be a real catalyst for a vast change to the way in which many people view themselves, their beliefs about money, and their abilities to learn and create real meaningful, valuable, and personally enriching work.

The grip of the conventional nine to five is certainly weakening. I believe in people and I think that people or at least a considerable amount of them wish to truly put forth work that enables them to survive in a sustainable and secure fashion while providing value to others. There are surely those that do not as with anything two sides of every coin. Today more than any time in history we can set forth to adapt, learn, and create. To blister our hands on the shovel of progress for those around us in our communities and quite possibly even further than that. We must not allow ourselves to bear our own blinders. We are bigger than that and we are only limited by what we think in quite a literal way.

Every day a whopping seven billion, eight hundred million people or so wake up and are given a heaping spoon full of life, one serving per day. Imagine what we could do if we devoted even one step every day or even every other day in one direction. We don’t know how long we will last here but we certainly are given another chance every day that we are here. I hope today you choose to take at least one step.

Take care of yourself friends!

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