Rippling the Pond

Driving through a small city with those old paved roads that weren’t meant for modern traffic by their width can really put you on edge sometimes. In the last twenty years the city has clearly grown. It’s expanded the available number of welcoming store front businesses and they’ve squeezed in just about all you could begin to imagine when it comes to fast food into nearly every block. You begin to take note of whats going on around you and there’s no less than fifty to one hundred other people zooming around in cars just like yourself. Beeping, stopping, coming and going. This is just a sliver of the dance we partake in daily as a human being in some parts of the world.

We are surrounded by others and just about every one of them knows something you don’t. Odds are that you’ve heard this before. Maybe something as simple as what their daughters favorite doll is or possibly something more complex like how to genetically engineer bacteria to produce insulin that can be used by diabetics. Each day hundreds of millions of these people, billions in fact, participate in the dance right alongside you. Yes, you are a part of it too and you also know valuable things that others may not.

Large or small what you and everyone else holds that is unique to them and their experience here on earth is extremely valuable in its own way. What you know need not change the world. It can be quite useful in ways you may be overlooking. In a gigantic and complex machine of gears for instance, if even one gear is having trouble turning the entire machine may be impacted. Simply by being able to access this page to read this material is a blessing and the platform by which you’ve found this page can be used to share your uniqueness. By doing so if even one gear in the entire machine is touched by what you share be it a name of another or so forth you’ve made a difference that could ripple on in ways unimaginable.

I encourage you to take action today. The stilled surface of a pond creates no ripples without external stimuli. People can be the same and there are millions of people out there right now waiting for you to sprout your leaves. Take care friends!

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