Maestro of experience

Take a moment to think of the last time someone did something for you that they didn’t have to do. Something that really made a difference for you. Usually these moments are followed by a thank you from us as they relieve us of some sort of something but not always is this the case. Now that you’ve given it a bit of thought, was it difficult for you to conjure up specifics? Now this is a perfect opportunity to sit back and relax. You’ve probably worked up quite a bit of tension as we naturally do throughout the day in our bodies. Do you have any tension in your shoulders? What about your neck or jaw? Sit back for a moment and just relax. Take in what surrounds you in your immediate environment even if just for one minute. When was the last time?

As you took a look around you may have noticed an elderly couple taking a morning stroll along the newly paved bike path or possibly the sun peering through your window jutting through the leaves of trees where and when it must to then land atop your coffee table scattered with various bits of what have you from another time. Did you notice anything that related to the question posed at the start of this blurb amidst all of that which surrounds you? We have become so accustomed to those things we encounter every day. The coffee table, the windows, the floor beneath our feet.

These are all pieces that make up our lives, pieces from another. Someone who has had their happiest moments, as well as their saddest. Someone who wants to be loved, and someone who wants to be happy. Someone who just like you wakes up in the morning and begins their day anew. Of course we do not know the one who manufactured our dinner table most times or the one behind the invention of the conventional stove. We certainly haven’t thanked them but they’ve made such a difference in our lives. There are many of them and for someone or something else you could do the same and its quite possible you do already.

When we think of giving what do we think of? One may think of giving canned goods to the needy pantry or donating to their favorite charity. These are not the only ways in which one can give. Giving need not cost us anything and those things that are free are certainly the easiest for us to give. Satisfaction from giving knows no price tags. It also knows no bounds. We so easily jump to helping another human being, for good reason no less, but we can also find much gratification in giving to the earth, the birds, and much more. By giving we can become that invisible someone to someone or something else. They may not even know you exist but there always lies an unspoken understanding of some sort be it through the songs the birds sing for you each morning or by the food held upon the neighbors dinner table by noon.

It is quite easy to become a maestro of experiences. Take care friends!

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