The other day I was sitting in a warehouse watching a starling mother feed her baby nestled high up above. I noticed that this mother bird was quite busy, bringing in food time and time again to please the young bird. He yipped in excitement every time the mom was within range and she flurpped out a chirp through her mouth full of worms in response before feeding him and flying back out the garage door and across the air field.

Later on while on the tarmac I took note of several birds in a field quite a few minutes walk away from where the bird was nestled in his warehouse home. I particularly took note of an individual starling with a mouth stuffed full of worms headed back in the direction of that building. Over time I sat and watched this mother bird fly quite a stretch to retrieve food for the baby bird. A great store of worms this strip was proving to be.

It later got me thinking about how because of human activity in the area, this bird now had to fly further to retrieve what she felt was required for her baby. If we take this observation and pair it with our own species we sort of do the same to ourselves. By the sometimes quite advantageous double sided blade of our modern day achievements we have also twice removed ourselves from our abilities to gather our own worms. We now have to ‘go farther’ from our home to shops that we depend on most times entirely to gather our necessities.

An interesting thing to note is that if we realize this and bring ourselves closer to mother earth and her abilities to provide us with the things we need, we can provide not only for ourselves but for others in our local communities and potentially further than that. If we work to bring ourselves closer to our nest we can reach out to others and help them do the same instead of stretching ourselves thinner as a whole. The possibilities are endless and what better to do than for others?

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