The Teacher & The Student

Looking for lessons given unto us by life is an important part of developing ourselves. We can learn quite a lot from teachers that don’t arrive in a human form. It happens all the time and if we actively seek out their lessons we open the doors for life to be one of our greatest teachers. It can be an object, an animal, the weather, practically anything.

The interesting part about this type of class is that it happens within your own mind. There is nobody standing around preaching to you about how to do this or that, the lesson arrives in the form of your own voice. To allow this to occur we have to keep an open mind. Without an open mind we will take these experiences for granted. We stop the lesson before it even has a chance to begin by not looking deeper or by not taking the time to reflect on an experience we’ve had.

Being mindful is also useful to us. If we are mindful of what is going on while it is happening we can avoid being swept away by our emotions. These emotional responses to situations that are meant to teach us will cause us to miss class entirely. Some lessons in life can be devastating. They can ruin us completely and sometimes so much so that it may feel like there is no possible way to recover. If we are not careful to learn from these lessons we may easily attend class again in the future.

I wish well for you friend, take care.

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